FFS Jar Jelly

This new product is specially designed and tested for
use with Forward Facing Sonar.

All In Tackle Prostaff members Wesley Strader, Shane Lineberger, Sonny Smyth and others
have been testing formulas for this product over the past few months, and they are all
confident that All In Tackle has put together a great product that will enhance your
Forward Facing Sonar (FFS) experience. FFS Enhanced Jar Jelly is designed to put on any
lure or bait that is being presented so that it will give you brighter sonar returns.

By integrating the technology of forward facing sonar, FFS Enhanced Jar Jelly for detecting
your bait at greater distances, and the allure of Jar Jelly scent, anglers can significantly
enhance their fishing success. This innovative approach not only improves the accuracy of
detecting fish but also increases the likelihood of enticing them to bite.
The synergy between sonar and FFS enhanced Jar Jelly creates a powerful tool for
fishermen offering a more efficient and effective method for catching fish and seeing your
lure. This new product is not just for bass, it also works really well on Crappie.

To begin, All In Tackle FFS Enhanced Jar Jelly will be available in 1-ounce tubes in 5 colors
(Red, Blue, Silver, Black and Green) which will allow the angler to customize their baits to
the waters and situation at hand.